Acella Construction takes pride in its reputation within our industry, and the safety of employees and the public are the first considerations in all Company operations. It is the policy of Acella to comply with all Federal, State and Local regulations pertaining to accident prevention, to identify and eliminate potential hazards and to make every effort to prevent accidents. The Occupational Safety and Administration Standards (29 CFR 1926) are the minimum acceptable requirements.

All levels of management at Acella Construction are accountable for safe and efficient work practices and procedures.  Safety performance is measured along with their overall performance.  Management will instill a proper safety attitude and set an example for those they supervise.

resizedimage394600 safety.jpgThe Company’s safety program includes:

  1. The promotion of safety awareness of all employees through personal contact and active participation in the Company’s Loss Control Program and safety activities.
  2. Providing personal protective equipment to all personnel as required and enforcing its use as a condition of employment.
  3. The installation and maintenance of all safeguards as required.                  
  4. Detection and prompt correction of unsafe practices and conditions.
  5. Enforcement of established regulations and disciplinary action necessary to assure compliance by all employees.  
  6. Reporting of all accidents immediately, followed by a prompt and thorough investigation.
  7. Continual training and education of all personnel with special attention given to new employees. 

Please know how much we really appreciate your and your team's efforts over the past several months. In particular, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Saul and Pete. They are both pros and clearly care deeply about their work.

- Conrad Ello, Oudens Ello Architecture, Architect for Urban Grape